Issue: The test ran fine but no runtime statistics were captured after a certain point

Reason: If you have been running a lot of Load Tests then chances are Oracle XE database is full. The Oracle XE database is installed along with OATS and is used as the backend for storing session data. It has a size limit of 11 GB.

Solution 1: This is the easy way but might not always work.
Step 1: Log into the OLT web interface.
Step 2: On the top right menu select Manage > Sessions.
Step 3: Delete the old sessions — If the session has virtual user logs, then first delete the virtual user logs and then delete the session else directly delete the session.
Step 4: Re-run the test.

If you are unable to delete the sessions from the web interface, then processed with Solution 2.

Solution 2: Deleting the sessions directly from the Oracle XE database.
Step 1: Log onto the OLT server
Step 2: Launch SQL Command Line
Step 3: Connect to the database

   CONNECT username/password@host:port

Username: system
Password: the password you set while installing OATS
Host: complete name of the OLT server
Port: 1521 (By default Oracle listens to port 1521 for SQL*Plus connections)

Step 4: Query the database for allocated and free space:

      a.bytes allocated_bytes,
      dba_data_files a,
      (SELECT file_id, SUM(bytes) free_bytes
      FROM dba_free_space b GROUP BY file_id) b

Step 5: Check the free bytes in Users.dbf. If it is low, then proceed with the following steps
We will delete entries from a few tables. But for that, system user will not work.

Step 6: Open ‘Oracle application testing database configuration’ (search your start menu for this)
i)   Select product as Oracle Load Testing
ii)  Select your database and click on edit
iii) Note the Username and the port

Step 7: Connect to the database using this new username and port

   CONNECT username/password@host:port

Step 8: Check the number of entries in VULOGS:

   select 'VULOG' Tablename,count(*) Rws from VULOG;

Step 9: Delete all entries from VULOGS

   truncate table VULOG;

Step 10: Delete all session entries from the OLT web interface

Step 11: Re-run the test


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